Taste the finest cuisine prepared by our accomplished fine chef.

A grand experience of the senses.

OMOTENASHI Signature Hospitality using the freshest local-sourced ingredients.

We are committed to using the freshest ingredients all local when possible.

Ishigaki yields a treasure trove of culinary ingredients…

We offer our internationally-famous Ishigaki beef from local Yuimarl Farms. This beef was enjoyed by G8 International Summit 2000 leaders.
Enjoy our famous Ishigaki Beef and rare, local delicacy, ‘Agū Pork’.

In some cases, fresh ingredients that can’t be acquired locally are airlifted the same  day from Tsukiji or other areas of Japan.

The rich flavor of our milk and fresh cream comes from authentic, healthy jersey cows that are local and grass-fed.

Our fresh, tropical fruit is worth the traveled distance to enjoy. Dishes are prepared with culinary Ishigaki Sea Salt 「石垣島の塩」



Your dinner is served at your own private dining room.



★Please indicate either French or Japanese Cuisine.

★Guests may request when to wish to dine between 7:00pm ⎼ 8:00pm.
★Please inform SSR 7 days ahead of the reserved date to have dinner when guest stays with us without any meals or arrange a Japanese arrangement. (French cuisine is selected by default.)


※French cuisine will be selected by default unless guests request our Japanese selection 7 days in advance of your stay.  Guest each receive the same arranged meal. SSR doesn’t offer an individual dinner set alongside breakfast sets.

※Guests arriving on the last flight of the day into Ishigaki airport (ISG) will be provided dinner for their night arrival. (At the time of this writing, the last scheduled flights into Ishigaki Island arrive at 8:30pm)

※Our capable staff may revise as needed according to individual diet. Please specify food allergies or specific food requirements. (e.g. low sodium, vegan, buddhist vegetarian, etc)


《French Cuisine》

Hors d’ oeuvre


《Japanese Cuisine》

Sashimi Plate
Simmered Dish
Deep-fried Dish
Meat Dish(”Washoku” Meal Set with Rice)

Guests are welcome to enjoy the private bar after dinner.Y310586003







★Please indicate your preference for 'Western' or 'Japanese' breakfast.

★Guests may indicate breakfast delivery time between 8am to 10am.(Please inform us your preference for breakfast time at check in.)Breakfast will be served directly to your room.

★Please inform us 7 days ahead of the reserved date to have breakfast when guest stays with us without any meals or arrange a Japanese breakfast arrangement. (Continental breakfast is selected by default.) 

《Western Style》

Fresh Assorted Bread
Seasonable fruits
Salad symphony
Soup(Hot or Cold)
Fresh yogurt (Local jersey cows)
Fresh local milk (Local jersey cows)Fresh juice
Fresh juice (Orange and Grapefruit)
Agu Pork or Ishigaki beef (Yuimarl Farm) sausages
Scrumbled eggs
Seasoned vegetables
Mixed fruits jam (Local fruits)
Fermented butter (Local jersey cows)

《Japanese Style》

Multigrain rice
Miso soup
Pickled vegetables
Deep fried fish
Grilled plate
Simmered assorted vegetables
Japanese omlette
Chef’s meat dish
Seasonal fresh fruits