Vacation rental fee (PER ROOM)
1/Oct/2019 – 31/March/2020  (Except New year holiday, Public holiday)

Comming soon!

<We do not clean during our stay. I will only remove simple dust>

<Additional fee>

① rooms cleaned one day per 18,000 yen (including: bedspreads, bed sheets, towels and toiletries replacement) time about 4 hours (during l 12:00 – 16:00).
② towels and toiletries replacement only 4,000 yen per person / per time
By private car Ishigakijima new airport(Painushima Ishigaki airport) ⇔ Seven stars resort ISHIGAKI (one way) 3,500 yen
By private car seven stars resort ISHIGAKI ⇔ Ishigaki Island on the island and even transportation (one way) 7,000 yen
Car at Island (Charter rates for up to 4 hours) 20,000 yen   (Charter rates for up to 8 hours) 40,000 yen

luggage delivery service. By cash on delivery (domestic Japan only)

  •  Dinner (elementary school-adult) 21,600 yen
  • breakfast (elementary school-adult) 4,320 yen
  •  Elementary school following (0-preschoolers) 3,780 yen for dinner / breakfast 1,620 yen
  • cake S size 4,000 yen
  • flower beds of 12,000 yen

60 days ~ 31 days … 30%
30 days ~ 8 days … 70%
7 days prior / no-shows … 100%
* inclement weather at the Ishigaki Island arrival departure scheduled flight fly, no cancellation fees. Cancellation certificate becomes necessary.
Reservations(booking) are available from your phone or the click here button. When booking, the total amount of your stay deposit.


Resort Charge